The Wait Is Over…

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A discussion about taking a leap of faith and entering into unknown territory, David discusses his journey into the world of crafting beer and running a music store by his own rules.

A discussion about experiencing many successes within the corporate world, Tomer dives into his career highlights, building successful teams/brands and his passion for Bitcoin!

A discussion about entrepreneurship and creating a pathway of her own, Andrea discusses career milestones and lessons that brought her to where she is today, having a successful restaurant, being a leader in the culinary space and on television.

A discussion about mental health in the workplace, suicide and how parents can talk to their children openly without fear or stigma; Dr. Ferguson encourages an open dialogue and shares her thoughts on normalizing spaces that discuss mental health, anxiety, depression and suicide. 

A candid discussion about the Best Places to Work in Canada awards and certification with our winning clients, Inertia Engineering, Bryson Insurance and ACTO. This panel discussion explores topics such as what creating a happy work environment looks like, investing in your employees, being transparent and vulnerable, and gauging employee feedback with Kumar Erramilli, Kyle Paterson & Ray Minato.

A candid discussion about being a young entrepreneur and leading a non-profit organization in Ontario during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Isabela Rittinger deep dives into what it’s like working towards changing the stigma around menstruation, period poverty, and period equity.

A candid discussion about the Best Places to Work in Canada certification process. Alison Grenier, Head of Culture and Research discusses the justification for getting certified, their  unparalleled data library that uncovers leading workplace trends, and actionable feedback to drive any company’s culture forward.